Memoranda of Understanding with the City of Wanneroo

As part of the collaborative commitment to the St Andrews IDEA Project, the City of Wanneroo and Tokyu Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in August 2003. It can be accessed in this sites archives. The memorandum of understanding sets out a process by which the key stakeholders can work together to achieve planning and economic development outcomes in an orderly and timely manner.

Businesses Target St Andrews

A feature of the IDEA Project is its business attraction program, which aims to secure 1,000 smart jobs between 2003 - 2008. The project has already signed some 850 jobs under a series of memoranda of understanding (MOU) and two of these have already progressed to heads of agreement with more to follow in 2005.

A key project is the Churches of Christ aged care facility at Capricorn Coastal Village, with the potential to provide some 200 jobs. Other priority projects are in the renewable energy and medical services industries.

Southern Area Innovation Precinct

As part of the adoption of the St Andrews Concept Plan, Mr Dusan Mills, Chairman of Advanced Land Resources, is working with Calthorpe & Associates and Perth based Roberts Day Group to plan an Innovation Precinct in the southern area of the Tokyu Corporation landholding as part of a large enterprise zone.

Mr Mills recently visited the Calthorpe team in San Francisco and the Tokyu Corporation head office in Tokyo to progress the commitments and design elements for the precinct. These will be developed on a schedule with the Western Australia Planning Commission, City of Wanneroo and other stakeholders during 2005 and beyond.